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Hatred Series (3 stories)

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Monika Singh

Henry Robinson world's famous fashion designer. He is a handsome, rich, powerful, popular, and dominant man. He has every single quality that every girl dreams of. But he is also the second name of the devil an arrogant, cruel, violent, and most important, he has no heart for the people who come int... more info

Story about: arranged marriage, enemies to lovers, forced marriage

Complete 272 pages
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Rating: 190

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Monika Singh

Kiara Seton a Beautiful brunette, 23 years old assassin with a mysterious past comes from Chicago to New York to take her revenge. Everyone calls her blood queen. Vivian Miller a handsome, dominant, and powerful Mafia Leader in New York. He is 30 years old and a single father of five years old g... more info

Story about: enemies to lovers, mafia love, love and revenge

Complete 277 pages
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Rating: 108

#201 in Romance
#136 in Billionaires

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Monika Singh

Dave Francis was the richest banker in the country. I was supposed to marry someone else but he won me in the auction. I had no choice but to marry him. I didn't know how long would he treat me like trash? How many times would he crush my soul? He made me believe that I was worthless. He saw me wort... more info

Story about: billionaire, enemies to lovers, forced marriage

Complete 267 pages
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Rating: 374

#26 in Romance

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