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Unbreakable (daily Updates)

Naakaree griffits

There was once a time when monsters ruled the lands, overpowering the seas and overtaking the skies. Yet, would you fall for a monster who inhales the sea and exhales a melody that makes you fly? Where a love experience tore apart kingdoms, set aflame to hearts of the innocent and caused wars ... more info

Story about: vikings, mermaids, faeries

Ongoing: 10 Jul 29 pages
528 28 6

Rating: 2

#290 in Fantasy
#32 in Epic fantasy

On Hold


The 21st Century King (weekly updates)

Naakaree griffits

He's young, he's rebellious and he is next in line for the throne... Will he make the cut? With his father and his appointed Courtier on his back about making his online presence known, his Instagram blowing up and ensuring his 'meet and greet' time with fans is up to par, Kyong isn't having a b... more info

Story about: rich kid, kdrama, 21st century king

On Hold: 27 Apr 4 pages
279 58 4

Rating: 3

#566 in Romance
#108 in Billionaires
#22 in Fanfiction
#3 in Anime Fanfiction


Natural Born Killers: Book 2 (weekly Updates)

Naakaree griffits

A Sequal to 'A Killer Amongst Us'. When Silas goes in search of his mother 20 years after being abandoned by her in an Arizona hospital, he didn't know what to expect when he finally found her... What he came across far exceeded any expectations that he held; As, upon his arrival, he had gained ... more info

Story about: demons, killers

On Hold: 02 May 4 pages
193 4 0

Rating: 1

#283 in Fantasy
#133 in Thrillers & Suspense



Killers Amongst Us: Book 1

Naakaree griffits

There is a tale that history doesn't want you to know... one where murder is the prime entertainment. When Santa set out to create a superior breed of beings, the end result was a society of supremely honed weapons of war. What he created, was something the world didn't see coming. He did not, ho... more info

Story about: thriller criminal, action thriller, thriller romance

Sample 18 pages
1788 12 16

Rating: 2

#304 in Fantasy
#137 in Thrillers & Suspense

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