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Little fragments(a collection of short stories)

Oreoluwa Arowosafe

Short stories!!!❤️ From blood-chilling thrillers to mouthwatering romance and occasional heart racing smut. See you on the pages!❤️... more info

Story about: understanding thyself and surroundings, together, love hate

Complete 8 pages
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Rating: 4

#423 in Thrillers & Suspense
#3681 in Romance
#350 in New Adult & College

On Hold


Broken Wings Heal

Oreoluwa Arowosafe

Nothing about Jasmine's life remained sane after the passing of her father. Her mother does little to help her anxiety when she throws herself into work...and men. Her brother, André, too young to feel the blows but a pillar of strength for Jasmine. Maybe Juvy wasn't the best way to get what she... more info

Story about: love, singlemom, hopeless

On Hold: 22 Oct 48 pages
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Rating: 17

#387 in Young adult

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