Under the Dark Clouds

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Chapter One

"You know you want me." He whispers seductively in my ear. "How do you know that?" I whisper shakily. "Well one you tremble under my touch and you can never say no to my kisses and trust me I know." He whispers kissing down my neck and I breathe in and close my eyes.

"Your right I..........I want you but." I get caught off by his lips on mine and I quickly run my hands down his chest feeling his amazing body and he bites my lower lip causing me to moan softly and he smirks. 

We break apart and he puts our foreheads together and all I see are grey eyes shining and I shake my head. "You aren't good for me. I.....I can't do this." I mumble. "I know but why do you keep coming back?" He asks kissing my cheek and moving down softly. 

"Because you're like the fire and I am the month that can't keep away," I say out of breath. "You better watch out because you might get burn." He says softly


"BO! Wake up!" I open my eyes and see my best friend Ruby. "Ugh! Why?!" I ask stretching and grunting and I sit up and Ruby looks at me and laughs. "Looks like someone hasn't gotten any sleep." She throws a dirty shirt at me. 

"I didn't!" I sigh throwing it to the ground. "Dreaming about prince charming?" She giggles as she puts on light blue jean shorts. "Yes and this time he said I needed to watch out because I might get burned," I say standing up heading to the bathroom.

"Dude, what does that even mean?" She asks me. "I don't know," I mumble because I had toothpaste in my mouth. "Weirdo!" She yells laughing as she puts on a pink flowy top and connecting her curling iron. 

"Its not my fault I've been dreaming of a stranger," I say as I walk out and put on some skinny jeans with a black tank top. "Who is this guy anyway?" She asks curling her dirty blonde hair. "You ask me as I know. Hint on the stranger part." I say as I put on a purple plaid shirt and leave it to unbutton and Ruby turns around and gives an ugly look.

"What?" I ask her. "Why do you dress like that?" She asks and I flip her off and walk to the mirror and put on some mineral powder and mascara and dab of some light pink lipstick to make my lips look naturally pink.

"I mean you are so pretty but yet you don't let it show with everything you wear. Well at least you let people see your actual face but your figure comes on and at least leave your hair down." She begs me as I put it in a ponytail. "Why? I'm not used to it." I nag as she pulls the band out and she starts curling the tips.

"Because people at least need to see how pretty you are and you need a boyfriend ASAP!" She exaggerates. "Oh come on, who would want to go out with the school nerd. Who one hasn't gotten her first kiss yet and is boring as a tree bark." I sigh and she pulls my hair. 

"Ow!" I yell smacking her. "You are not boring as a tree bark or else I wouldn't be here and yes you may be a huge nerd but you're a pretty nerd and that is what every guy looks for." She says and I roll my eyes. "That's easy for you to say........I mean every guy typically drools over you as soon as you walk into the school and you always get any guy you want and you have everything a guy looks for." I look at her and she rolls her eyes at me.

"Not really because I'm not smart as you and I only have guys eating out the palm of my hands is because I know how to control them , that's pretty much it and you have everything that I have even more like look at these boobs!" She says grabbing my boobs and I smack her hand off.

"Don't touch my boobs." I laugh and so does she. "Like I was saying maybe if you dressed in things that hugged you just right, that might make you look better." She says finishing my hair and it looked pretty. "Tell you the truth......I really don't need a boyfriend at all. Now let's get going before we are late for school." I say grabbing my backpack and she grabs her bag and we head down the stairs to her car.

"Hold on let me say bye to my dad," I said reaching down the stairs. "Okay, I will be waiting in the car." She smiles 

I run to my father's office and knock. "Come in." His deep voice says and I pop my head inside and smile as I see him wearing glasses and reading the newspaper and smoking a pipe, I know what you're saying, a pipe! But he loves it, I know its pretty weird to me too. 

"Ah, Bo sweetheart come in." He smiles putting the newspaper down and I walk over to him. "Hey, I just wanted to say bye before I leave to school with Sophia, Sophia was Ruby's middle name and my father actually liked that name and knew Ruby as Sophia and yea. 

"Oh okay sweetheart, be careful my beautiful and put plenty attention to school and remember to watch out for the........" 

"I know.. I know, watch out for the boys." I giggle as he chuckles. "Yes be careful okay?" He smiles as I hug him from behind his big, brown, leather chair. "Okay, daddy but I have to get going before I'm late. Bye daddy." I kiss his cheek as he kisses mine. "Bye sweetheart see you later." He smiles as I leave to the car.

"Okay let's go." I smile putting on a CD of Ed Sheeran and we both sing to Lego House. 


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