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Madness in Love

Rida Shoukat

Shah Zain was holding her with one hand while opening his shirt button with the other hand. Meanwhile, he didn't let Minal separate from him for a moment. "Shah Zain please, it's not right time, it's too early." She was trying hard to control her unsteady condition, but who was listening to her? ... more info

Story about: love after marriage, love and destiny, love and hate romance

Ongoing: 05 Aug 66 pages
7532 189

Rating: 29

#47 in Fantasy
#2 in Epic fantasy
#360 in Romance
#51 in Romantic suspense


You are my Destiny

Rida Shoukat

A Pakistani story about how she grappled with faced circumstances that were caused by only marrying a person whom she loves deeply.... more info

Story about: love, struggles, love marriage

Complete 46 pages
5998 147

Rating: 35

#95 in Fantasy
#3 in Epic fantasy
#672 in Romance
#169 in Contemporary Romance


How Can You know the Agony of Heart

Rida Shoukat

"What's wrong I did with you that you have been torturing me, for God's sake leave, I will never forget your favor, please..." She pleaded with him with teary eyes. But he grabbed her silky hair in his tight grasp and said. "Don't show me your crocodile tears, it's not impacting me, good man inside ... more info

Story about: love, revenge, torture

Ongoing: 09 Aug 69 pages
10885 361

Rating: 49

#14 in Fantasy
#4 in Dark fantasy
#163 in Romance
#5 in New Adult & College

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