Roger Alderman



Haven: The Story of Lightning

Roger Alderman

On the magical island of Haven, Lightning the young and reckless unicorn struggles to define who he is before he can become the leader his people need him to be. Lightning must overcome a coup, led by the people his family had protected for a millennium. "Haven: The Story of Lightning" is a fast-pac... more info

Story about: fantasy world, magical animals, magical creatures

Complete 79 pages
704 43 0

Rating: 2

#51 in Fantasy
#5 in Action fantasy
#3 in Epic fantasy


Small Town Terrors

Roger Alderman

In the beginning of my research to craft this book. I examined the urban legends that surround small towns all across the United States of America. I found myself drawn to stories that connected or seemed to similarities. To me these tales echoed of a potentially shared experience from a time now lo... more info

Story about: monsters, ghost stories, dark fairytales

Complete 55 pages
1065 71 1

Rating: 5

#8 in Horror
#6 in Paranormal
#45 in Mystery
#22 in Supernaturals


Stadler House: Book Two: Emily

Roger Alderman

Decades after the Massacre at the Stadler House Group Home the survivor, Emily Stephens, attempt to move forward with her life. But her past will not give Emily up so easily. Her desire to help others has guided her to a career as a Hospice Nurse. But something goes horribly wrong when she finds her... more info

Story about: evil spirits, ghosts, demons

Complete 84 pages
782 62 5

Rating: 3

#57 in Horror
#34 in Paranormal
#129 in Mystery
#67 in Supernaturals


Stadler House: Book One: Anna

Roger Alderman

After a near-death experience changes a young orphaned child’s life forever. The benevolent Dr. Stadler uses his bleeding-edge therapy to help her and other children at his group home return to a life of normalcy. This short story brings to life the challenges faced by trying to help one small gro... more info

Story about: evil childen, ghosts, possession

Complete 45 pages
1145 93 1

Rating: 3

#58 in Horror
#35 in Paranormal
#130 in Mystery
#68 in Supernaturals

On Hold


The Congregation

Roger Alderman

The Congregation... more info

Story about: pulp horror, retro horror, historical horror

On Hold: 04 Apr 16 pages
80 9 0

Rating: 1

#44 in Horror
#23 in Paranormal


Teachers Pet

Roger Alderman

Sixteen-year-old Alex Cole sits in the back seat of a police patrol car admiring the conflagration consuming the Cole Family Funeral Home. A shadow beside him coalesces into the shape of a tall lanky man in silhouette. Alex pays it no attention, as he pulls at his stained, torn, frayed, and scorche... more info

Story about: revenge drugs killing gore thriller, revenge and drama, revenge and limits that can be crossed

On Hold: 04 Apr 24 pages
99 19 2

Rating: 4

#11 in Horror
#75 in Young adult
#27 in School

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