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The Moon We Both Share


It's easy being a monster among humans, so long as no one knows what kind of monster you can be. Alec Cross was a vampire living among the same humans he had been raised to avoid. A generation of proof that monsters can be integrated into a world not meant for them. Suppressing the need for blood wa... more info

Story about: teen romance, vampires and werewolves, society vs self

Ongoing: 29 May 137 pages
899 91 26

Rating: 21

#119 in Romance
#2 in Paranormal Romance
#12 in Fantasy
#1 in Urban fantasy




A kingdom on the brink of financial ruin, a prince on the verge of emotional collapse, and a princess who could not care less about any of it. After their father, the king, abandoned his children without explanation, Carina saw life as a princess of a weakened kingdom as meaningless, meant to be liv... more info

Story about: self discovery, treasure, relationships

Complete 250 pages
1625 43 32

Rating: 12

#180 in Fantasy
#34 in Action fantasy
#17 in Action & Adventures


The House of Jakob


What would someone need to offer you to unknowingly join a corrupt organization? For Monika Edwards, it was financial freedom and a chance to regain her musical passion. Having lost her drive to find purpose in life, Monika was lost, alone, and unwilling to change. Why bother? The House of Jakob, a ... more info

Story about: self discovery, cults, dark secrets

Complete 229 pages
1293 59 0

Rating: 7

#433 in Romance
#58 in New Adult & College
#71 in Thrillers & Suspense
#33 in Suspense




Living in the false reality of peace between the white man and slaves, Vincent Chamberlin finds that the only proof of purity untainted and happiness unaltered by the harsh cruelties of life is through the eyes of plantation slave, Juliette. If only the world were a gentler place where such admirati... more info

Story about: forbidden love, short story, slavery

Complete 56 pages
2452 58 3

Rating: 7

#205 in Romance
#7 in Historical Romance
#15 in Short stories




Long ago, in a world parallel to our own, humans lived in constant fear of the nocturnal beasts that we only know as demons. Living under the protection of the angels, it seemed like the world was living in peaceful tension. However, when the demons finally took control, nearly wiping out any and al... more info

Story about: demons, angels, found family

Complete 102 pages
7123 35 13

Rating: 8

#249 in Fantasy
#48 in Action fantasy
#166 in Short stories


Composing Life's Medley


She was a poor woman who saw work as a forced means to an end, and one she never truly enjoyed. She had no useful talents within the workforce and her carefree spirit was unwelcomed by those who demanded her conformity and obedience. He was a talented artist who was doomed to serve the authority who... more info

Story about: music, romance, short story

Complete 124 pages
1609 50 6

Rating: 6

#537 in Romance
#26 in Historical Romance
#176 in Short stories


Birds of a Feather


Those of common values, ideals, and goals flock together. Could be as simple as an equal admiration for a book or a general liking for a specific film. For some, it’s the need for freedom, a desire to be happy, or a chance to experience real love. Lyra Rossum comes to school wondering if it's her ... more info

Story about: forbidden love, high school romance, family secrets

Complete 245 pages
9268 296 35

Rating: 16

#15 in Fantasy
#8 in Romantic fantasy
#15 in Young adult
#7 in School


The Artist's Intention


Saige Cassatt is a junior art student at island school, Hoarfrost University, with absolutely no idea what to do about her future and has since decided her talents were better left untapped. It was just a matter of graduating at that point. But when she accidentally witnesses transfer student, Yukio... more info

Story about: mental health, art, college mystery

Complete 218 pages
9667 101 25

Rating: 14

#194 in Romance
#31 in New Adult & College
#23 in Mystery
#8 in Romantic mystery

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