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Enchanted Twilight

Shinya Flynn

As far as now, Raphael Lockwood, a mixed-blood witch—a human and a witch—has relied on the potions created by his father to live, which unfortunately began to lose their effectiveness. While he is worried about the state of his body, Isaac Kanon, his childhood friend and ruler of the kingdom he ... more info

Story about: witch, fantasy and paranormal romance, witch and human

Ongoing: 23 Feb 37 pages
93 24 1

Rating: 3

#677 in Romance
#48 in Paranormal Romance
#23 in LGBT



A Piece of Paper That He Left In The Day He Died

Shinya Flynn

Raymond Cooper—a former police detective at the Morozov City, decided to resign from his job and move to Cirillo City to reinvestigate the murder case of his late friend, Arnold Walter after police decided it as a failed robber attempt that led to the murder. With a piece of paper that he found f... more info

Story about: drama and trauma, mafia and action, revenge

Sample 30 pages
65 4 1

Rating: 2

#119 in Thrillers & Suspense
#43 in Suspense
#1092 in Romance
#55 in LGBT

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