Affiliate program. Earn money on Booknet.

Author: Booknet admin / Posted: 15.03.21, 13:53:06

Dear users:

Now not only commercial authors can earn money on Booknet, but also authors who don’t have commercial status on the platform.

How? With the help of our Affiliate programs! 

We have 2 types of programs available for you:

1. Recommend Booknet stories and get 5% from all the purchases made.

This program is suitable for those who own Social media groups, Telegram channels, YouTube channels, WhatsApp groups or any other group with a large number of followers/participants. 

Create referral links in the Affiliate dashboard, share them on social media or other publishing resources, invite new users and get 5% share from all the purchases a referral* makes during the next 30 days! 

* referral is a person that is redirected to Booknet via your affiliate program link 


Note! It doesn’t matter if your referral is a new or an old Booknet user. You will get your share from every purchase made by any user that is redirected to Booknet through your link!


Where can I see the affiliate dashboard button?


Only authors can see the option "Affiliate dashboard" in their profiles on, therefore, you will need to create a book in your Booknet profile. To access Affiliate programs, you will need to sign in to your profile on desktop version* and press Affiliate dashboard:


* Desktop version is not available on Booknet app, it is available only in browser (e.g. Google Chrome, Mozilla, Microsoft Edge, etc.), you can switch to it by a button Desktop version on the bottom of the site




How to create affiliate links? 


1. Sign up on Booknet (if you already have an account on Booknet you don't need to sign up again) 

2. Publish a book on Booknet. Only 18+ users can use affiliate programs.

3. Go to Affiliate program in your profile on desktop version

4. Press Links, then paste any Booknet book link to "Create affiliate link" field and press "Get affiliate link".  


What are the best places to post affiliate links?

1. Facebook reading or books recommendations groups; 

2. WhatsApp channels;

3. Telegram channels;

4. Twitter channels;

5. Viber channels;

6. Reading groups on Reddit, Wordpress, blogs, forums.  

7. Online magazines.

8. Recommendations via emails.

Note: posting links on Instagram or Tiktok can give you zero profit, as links on these social media do not redirect users. 

I have done everything correctly, but I don’t receive money for my referrals. Why?


In the following cases the system may not count purchases from referrals: 

1. A referral is redirected through your partner link to another browser and doesn’t register.

2. A referral is redirected through your link, but buys books from another account.

3. A referral is redirected through your link, doesn’t register but then enters again to Booknet and makes purchases.  

4. A referral is redirected through your link, but the next day is redirected by a link of another affiliate. 

5. A referral is redirected through your link, but doesn’t buy books, only reloads their wallet.   


Do you have a social media group with many followers? Your hobby can become one the ways to make money by doing what you like! 


Note! To withdraw payments you need to verify your account first by filling in the form. 

2. Invitation of a new commercial author


If you are in touch with fellow authors that for some reason still don’t have a profile on Booknet but have the capacity to become commercial authors and sell stories on the platform, this program is for you. Create an affiliate link, invite an author and redirect them via your link to Booknet, when the author becomes commercial and starts selling their first bookscription you will get $50.

Before inviting new authors, you need to learn more about the process of becoming a commercial author on Booknet so that you could guide the invited author throughout it. 

You can check out the basic information in this blog:


Reasons why you can't get remuneration for inviting authors:


1. The author has been registered before on Booknet or Litnet.

2. The invited author doesn’t sell any story on bookscription in a period of 6 months after being invited through your partner link.

3. The author has registered with a link of another partner, but not yours. 

4.The author fakes their identity, breaches Booknet rules or publishes copyrighted materials of third parties. 

Note. It is strictly prohibited to ask already registered authors on Booknet to delete their accounts and to sign up again through your partner link. In case of the infraction, we reserve the right to deactivate the affiliate program option and/or block your account on Booknet permanently. 

How to create an affiliate link?

Switch to $50 per author program on the right upper corner of the Affiliate dashboard.

Go to Links in the Affiliate dashboard on the left.

Paste a link to any Booknet page, except the main page to the Create affiliate link field.

Press Get affiliate link






How much will I earn? 

You will receive $50 for every new author that becomes a commercial author on Booknet and starts selling a book on bookscription. 

It doesn’t matter how much the author earns from bookscription, you will still receive $50 as soon as the author starts selling on Booknet.

If the author doesn’t start selling within the first 6 months, you will lose a referral and will not receive money for inviting this author.

When will I be paid?

Payouts are made once a month to PayPal.

You can apply for payouts from the 1st till the 20th day of the ongoing month. Payments are made from the 21st till the 30th day of the month.

The minimum payout amount is 5 USD. 

You can find all the information about the payouts process in this link: 

To withdraw payments, you need to verify your account. You can do it on Booknet in Commercial account or directly in your Affiliate dashboard in this link:

Partner profile form (

How to fill in the form? 

Fill in the requested data correctly and indicate only real data. Submit a photo of your document in a good quality. If it is an ID that has text on the back side too, then make photos of both sides of the document, place them in one image. In the address field indicate your full address in this order: City/village, state/province/region depending on your country, street, house number, apartment (if any), postal code.

When your form is accepted, you will be able to receive payments from Booknet.

You can also fill it in on

Note: if you already filled in the form on Booknet, don't fill it in again in Affiliate dashboard.

Press Commercial account button here




Fill in the form correctly.



Do you have more questions?

Contact us via this link and indicate Affiliate program in the subject of your request:



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Zainab Ajike
24.08.2021, 04:11:42

Hello, please how can I fill the commercial account form on my phone?

Kanwal Aman
21.03.2021, 00:06:39

It's Awesome!

And also requesting for a different payment method for people who don't have access to pay through PayPal and cards are declined due to various reasons.


Osaro Oghadeva
17.03.2021, 09:53:41

This is such a great opportunity for us all, thank you very much, Booknet.

However I'd like to suggest that a different mode of payment should also be made for those of us whose countries do not support PayPal. For instance in my country, Nigeria, based on the rise in Internet fraud, PayPal and so many online transactions have been banned. The safest and legal way of foreign transaction is through bank transfer.

I'd like to put this matter on behalf of us and others facing this same issue.

Thank you.

Kanwal Aman
21.03.2021, 00:03:08

Osaro Oghadeva, Agree

June Estee
19.03.2021, 07:20:52

Please I have gone to the affiliate dashboard and have turned the page to invite an author, but I do not see any 'links' on the left to click, infact There is nothing to click apart from to view my statistics.

Alex admin
20.03.2021, 13:11:58

June Estee, Hi, please contact technical support of Booknet for help, the link is available in this blog post.

Mahnoor Saleem
20.03.2021, 10:36:15

We don't have paypal in our country

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