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Book. "His Broken Angel" read online

His Broken Angel

Sakshi C

Series: Lust And Love

Story about:marriage of convenience, erotica, erotic explicit mature sex scenes

Age restriction: 18+

2507 199841

#1 in Romance
#1 in Erotic

Complete 557 pages

Publication: 16.10.2022 — 31.03.2023

Description of book "His Broken Angel"

Women wish to have a husband like Nikaulas King. Clearly, the man was madly in love with his wife for only a person who is madly in love would wed a crippled woman.
But was it the truth?
Angela Hernandez and Nikaulas King were married for two years. Angela loved him with all her heart but he was in love with someone else, Leah, his best friend's wife.
Despite that, she hoped that one day he would take a look at her. One day he will take her name while being inside her and that one day he will reciprocate her love but what she ever got in return was heartbreak and his ignorance because, one she was crippled and second, his heart was already taken.
But what would happen when one day she would reject his touch and demand for divorce?


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Sukhpreet Kaur
01.04.2023, 04:56:26

its an awesome story.

Jyoti Sahani
01.04.2023, 03:27:13

This story is my Favourite.Absloutely loved everything about it. I'm gonna miss Angela and nick so much.Thank you so much dear author for writing such a beautiful story and sharing with us.Can't wait for your upcoming stories.

01.04.2023, 00:44:30

Beautiful story author. I hope you start another book soon. Please make it darker and more mafia books, like Killian one.

01.04.2023, 00:42:38

We need Nate book please or Theo with happy endings.

Manasa Gupta
31.03.2023, 22:24:54

I can see a msg that book is on sales, but I don’t see any discount on the book. Is it really on sales?

Nur Sinthia
31.03.2023, 22:08:24

Two things just touched my heart First when Nick said Angela is divine and he became his devotee second when Angela said nick is his world.

When Nick says" I promise to love you more every day. I feel it hard "They both indeed suffer a lot. Angela is my favourite of course that's why I am happy Nick loves her so strongly that it does not compare how much she loves him Becuase her love was just out of the world. This is the first book where i feel a female love by this strong and pure.She devoted her love to him and he became a devotee to her love.Such a beautiful ending..

kriti mehta
31.03.2023, 19:58:26

I am really happy that Theo and Leah didn't end up together. She had done many wrong things but he never deserved her. Even in the beginning when he wanted to propose her for marriage and was claiming that he was in love with her, he fucked another woman and then he was like she betrayed him. So stupid of him. Then married her just to cheat on her daily, verbally abuse her and treat her worse than a prostitute. His love for her was beyond toxic. Thank u author for not ending them together. It's for the best.

rokshana begum
31.03.2023, 21:38:42

Anonymous, Is there any truth. I thought he do it becuase he believe she cheated on him during engagement. She don't tell him the truth. He was angry and wanted to see her how to feel cheated. In her pov she said 3 months he did everything. I don't think he is disloyal that time. and the way he saved her hugged her during nightmare the hurt why he become revengeful. Yeah he don't know about her scar but if this truth you are talking?I also feel he should find someone eles.And yeah he really need to realise his mistake and suffered which he was already doing

rokshana begum
31.03.2023, 21:59:02

Congraculations Author. Angela is indeed a very strong and rational character.About nick character to he honest this book only Angela character catch my interest as the whole book is on her. Nick become good in end but for me Angela is the hero of the book for me. Everybody other than her choose their path and blame their past nature circumstances.They all have choices but they choose to go the wrong way. people can't change their real identify. Angela didnot change. Whatever happened with her. She suffered but not let darkness engulf her. She is like a sunshine. That's why i love her character so much.

31.03.2023, 21:36:33

I will forever be thankful to the author for creating this wonderful piece. I like reading such kind of tropes where the ML or the FL gets a second chance at love after a previously failed relationship. I’d love to thank her for creating the most relatable and respectable FL. Honestly, I have related with Angela’s actions and decisions almost 9/10 times in the book. She’s definitely something. I’ve always looked forward to her decisions and opinions in the book.
The story had a good buildup in the beginning, even in the middle where there was a little back and forth with the past and the present. However, I was disappointed with the ending. It was rushed, and there were so many loose ends which were required to be fixed. I guess, you can say they were fixed, but it lacked fine details.
I’m glad that the author just didn’t pop up an evil character all by its own (Leah and Theo), she gave them a backstory which most authors fail to do. No characters are born villains in life. It’s all a matter of perspective. But, since the book was from a perspective of Angela and Nick, our supposed villains faced zero consequences of their actions.

rokshana begum
31.03.2023, 21:45:44

Cookie, Thats the thing was bothered me. Leah never ask forgiveness.And Angela don't know the truth yet of Theo. Theo bring the truth infront of her eyes. His mistake with Angela not much big. But he apologise and give their blessing. But Leah she never apologise to her.No matter what she is culprit of Angela. Whatever happened in her past don't change what she did in present. She at least say thank you or sorry to Angela. I really want to see her guilt But whateve. I am happy Angela got the happiness. She is indeed a very strong and rational character.

31.03.2023, 21:39:35

Congratulations Sakshi for completing this beautiful story, really appreciated your regular updates. Show your respect towards your readers. Maybe something on Nate next time. I would like Leah and Theo story to continue as there are a lot of misunderstandings between them, many things left unsaid.

30.03.2023, 20:11:01

Dear Sakshi I was soo wrong when I said I was loosing interest. This is one of the beautiful book I've ever read. Thankyou and my apologies. May God give you a lot of blessings to write more. I'm truly grateful. And also please tell me if there will a separate book for Theo and Leah. Even though I kinda liked them together and kinda not together, their relationship gives me mixed feelings. It feels kinda empty if this is end of them . Please reply....❤️?

kriti mehta
31.03.2023, 21:28:37

Sakshi C, I liked that they didn't end up together and I really feel their book isn't needed.

Asma Azmi
31.03.2023, 20:34:14

hey when nate book is coming

Strange Hooman
31.03.2023, 20:22:15

There should have been a proper ending for Theo and Leah..even Stefan and nichelle... otherwise everything fitted the way it should have ....loved the book, it's totally worth every penny.

Part of kiki
31.03.2023, 20:12:29

Good book, but the ending had lots of gap,
I felt author was in a hurry to end the book,,,
Part where Angela and Nate talk their problem out,,, happens a year or what later,,, Theo story,,, I wish the book ended in a better way

Black White
31.03.2023, 18:54:19

The book is really addictive. Just amazing. Despite all the hate and negativity this book got its still become no 1.It shows how much good you are.I am happy you become positive till the end. I am glad you didnot let go of Nick easily and repent him for the mistake he did.He deserve every bit of it. And his suffering got fruit filled as he got Angela in the end. I don't have any words for Angela.I never ever support a female lead this much support Angela. But she deserve every bit of it. She is not a usual damsel in distress, weak, she is is wrong and can fight for herself.Her character just imprinted in my heart.Till to end its she who hooked me in this story.For me she is the best female lead in booknet.Angela sat the bar higher of female lead.My expectations from you gone higher now.I hope you give us more strong female lead who know how to fight for themselves.Again a heartiest congratulations and thank you very much for this story.Looking forward to your next story.

Usha Aashi
31.03.2023, 18:43:08

i want a chapter b/w angela and killian heart to heart talk like father and daughter....pls i want to see angela cry on killian shoulder for nick... she talking with her father...

31.03.2023, 18:34:39

Beautiful journey has reached its destination. It had all shades- sadness, anger, revenge and love which never died, firstly through angela then nik and finally both. I am glad she is a mum now and also can walk, though its bit questionable that she delivered and within 2 months, she could get operated, walked and married but i let you off as its the end of story :D. I dont think i have ever debated in any book than this one where i defended Nik a lot while people were bashing him left, right and centre. Nik, you owe me on this one. Finally, thanks for choosing the name i suggest for our little angel, Nigela- its a beautiful name and i feel honoured:) i cant beleive we had such a long relationship and i have read every single book of yours- your writing is truly amazing- best on this or any platform:)

Nushi(your Cindrella)
31.03.2023, 18:28:45

It was an amazing book , I have become your fan after reading his sweet Bella , Congratulations for you this book and yeah waiting for your new stories , love you

Beverly Mendoza
30.03.2023, 17:04:45

Are you going to write a story about Nate and his girl?

Beverly Mendoza
31.03.2023, 18:05:41

Dona Crystal, can't wait! I'm so excited now!

Beverly Mendoza
31.03.2023, 18:04:01

Well done Ms. author! Finally, they now have a happy ending!

Sunana Ahmad
31.03.2023, 17:52:29 dear author.

Lydia Loren
31.03.2023, 17:26:42

Loved the ending!!
Patiently and eagerly waiting for Nate’s book now !!!!!!!!!!!

31.03.2023, 17:09:05

Beautifully written .. amazingly wrapped up … no rush … a very satisfying ending.. thank u dear

Doodle Noodle
31.03.2023, 16:37:32

Congratulations author on the completion of another of your masterpiece. Now since the book is complete, I want to say: Your writing style is truly captivating. I couldn't help but check for updates like an obsessed reader every now and then. I am happy and I felt that you did justice to every main characters of this book( along with the side ones). One request: Please give Theo a happy ending as well. This guy also went through a lot. He also needs to heal from things which are not his fault. If Leah has moved on, I think he deserves a chance too. Lastly, I want to thank you for your punctuality and detailed writing. You are one of those few writers on BN who can make us feel that every penny is worth it. Even when you were sick and not doing well, you still didn't compromise with the quality of your writing and took less break as much as possible. So I really want to thank you for gifting us with two masterpieces: HSB and HBA.

its pihu
31.03.2023, 16:34:04

congratulations my love for completing another masterpiece ❤️

31.03.2023, 16:32:41

Thank you for creating this beautiful book!! Now I am curious on Nate's story!! Just cant waitt

Ad MK Shafali
31.03.2023, 16:13:31

amazing I am so happy for them

31.03.2023, 16:05:03

Is an amazing story, I loved and I enjoy every chapter

Radhika Mishra
31.03.2023, 15:06:51

Congratulations for book completion Author. It was a good book. I liked your writing style, it is engaging and beautiful. I loved your description of most of the scenes, you wrote right words for the right moment :D. I also appreciate your patience and respectful behaviour towards readers and theirs love or hate comments. I hope my comment did not affect your mental health(stress). And I apologise if your mood or day was stressful because of my comment :). Best of luck for your upcoming projects :).

Lisa Jannat
31.03.2023, 15:00:53

Thank you so much for the beautiful journey. I have to admit angela is one of the most strong female lead in booknet.Her character is so good that i fall in love again and again. I am happy to see Nick dedication andvstrong love for Angela. But for me Angela love is too pure. This book not just show love its shows many thing. The struggle of disable people life. How they got mocked,ignored,judged by people.You write it such a affectionate matter. But one love most that Angela always stood strong. You never let her vow. And i am glad you get others what they deserve. I am happy for stefan, lea,Nichelle.The book is really beautiful its a wonderful journey. I am glad its still ranking no 1. Dear future readers guys if you are thinking to buy it or not.Just buy it. This book is really different. It worth every penny. I don't need to say anything you can see the ranking. Again thank you so much author for this beautiful book. I am eagerly waiting for nate sera story

Renuka Kisan Kusalkar
31.03.2023, 14:41:35

such a beautiful book.Thanks so much Sakshi

31.03.2023, 14:39:55

Congratulations dear sakshi for completing another book.
I loved this beautiful journey of nick and angela, and already missing them........Can't we have some bonus chapters with some moments of their kids nd appearance of leah nd theo:) I think there must be some moments of them too because they were an important part of the story and they too deserves some attention ............please try to write about them, if possible:)
And surely looking forward for ur new work, will be waiting for ur comeback, until then, have some rest and take care;)

The rrock
31.03.2023, 14:36:54

Thank u dear author.... It was a nice story

Keep going and all of we with u

+ all the best

Suzikate Larson
31.03.2023, 14:25:49

Can we get a bonus chapter on Leah and Theo?

suchita vyavhare
31.03.2023, 14:16:12

congratulations author to completing u r book.:-) all the best for u r future works.(^^) one suggestion in u r next book make fl character bold, lil bit bitchy, not easily intimat by ml nd not easily submitted to ml. it's getting lil bit boring to read pure,selfless, innocent, submitted fl. I hope u come back soon with u r new blockbuster story.^_^ take care :-)

Doodle Noodle
31.03.2023, 12:02:59

Dear author can you kindly write a chapter tell us what exactly happened to Nichelle in the past? How did she and her ex lover got into that accident? Why Nick's father was against her and Zac's relationship? Was he actually after their riches?

Doodle Noodle
31.03.2023, 13:52:10

amrin ansari, I have found a chapter where it was mentioned that Nick's father thought that Zac was after their riches. Also it was mentioned that Nick wanted to handle matter himself. And he blames his father for what happened to Nichelle.
So my questions is, was Zac really a greedy guy? Was this part described anywhere? Because I am not able to find it.

31.03.2023, 13:42:15

Great story! I'm really going to miss it! Looking forward to your next book!

Angela West
31.03.2023, 13:39:49

wow the journey to hell and back but love withstood the test of time. thank you for taking us readers along on this amazing journey with look forward to reading your next story.

30.03.2023, 03:41:08

Dear Sakshi, plz respond, where is our invitation to their wedding. The wedding can't happen without us dear.

31.03.2023, 13:39:42

Sakshi C, Oh I will. I even got a chance to have a dance with Nate while admiring the couple. Such a beautiful story dear:) Also your next story should be your choice. It could be Nate's or a fresh story. That would be beautiful dear.

31.03.2023, 13:23:23

ok...i want Nate's story !!! !!:::!! super duper excited

Poonam Lunker
31.03.2023, 13:14:07

what a book..what a journey...loved every bit of it. please give us bonus chapters for it. good job author.

anukriti jain
31.03.2023, 12:29:07

Thank you for this amazing story!!
I am waiting for Nate’s story, Theo’s story.

angelina gomez
31.03.2023, 11:44:12

Author Sakshi C i want to continue reading your book from the sample....why don't you move it to bookscription please!

Sharon Constantine
31.03.2023, 11:27:15

this story was amazing author. my heart has melted into mush.

I am looking forward to reading a story about Theo and Leah though. so many untold truths. seems like Theo is still in the dark about Leah which led him to behave that way.

thank you for your dedication in writing these stories.

Aparajita Bhatia
31.03.2023, 11:25:17

Update pls soon

31.03.2023, 11:24:40

HSB is still my favourite story of yours, but i really loved this one as well. I’m glad Leah is happy with someone else, i feel no remorse for Theo. Even when she was at the hospital he behaved like an immature dude instead of letting her know about his feelings, it’s only his fault that he lost her. Can’t wait for Nate’s story, he looks like he’s gonna be a pain in the assss

31.03.2023, 11:22:39

I cant gather my thought enough to express!! Soooooo amazing Hehe but really its one of the story i keep reading again and again. Congratulation @sakshi and thank you very much for sharing is this story❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Ioana Botea
31.03.2023, 11:15:03

Congratulations Sakshi C… I did enjoy your hard work!!! Very happy for them… Now I have to say goodbye to them and eventually have another story maybe with Nate!!! Xxx

Usha Aashi
31.03.2023, 11:03:10

waiting for bonus chapters author....pls

sofia rizoy
31.03.2023, 10:51:46

Author amazing story.After Κilian and Ara's story is my favorite.Very nice ending after all they went through to not be together and thankfully happy ending for both of them .Amazing writing author keep giving us more such wonderful stories.

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