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Book. "Toxic Marriage" read online

Toxic Marriage

Failia Baighaan

Story about:love, secrets, dark

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#73 in Contemporary Romance
#48 in Romantic suspense

Complete 379 pages

Publication: 04.06.2020 — 26.01.2023

Description of book "Toxic Marriage"

"You won't expect love from me and will please me whenever, wherever I want."
Passionate bonds linger in their relation which are ignorant to both. The strings that pulled them close to each other whenever they tried to isolate.
They were different, he knows she was his since her birth but she didn’t. Even knowing that he began to hate love and turn their bond, which can be the eternal source of gratification into a dusty tomb. Because someone, who isn’t meant for him, cheated on him.
What will happen when Christian Elvis, a person with a golden heart tainted black marries Sophie Skye, a normal girl just to fulfill his lust and a promise he made to someone dear to him and turn their marriage which can become salvation into nothing but a mere show of concupiscence?


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07.01.2023, 11:40:23

chapter 20
loving this story !

Jyoti Sahani
28.12.2022, 11:35:50

This book is so engrossing that you would always want to know what happens next.This book has a beautiful flow to it. I really want to read this book as I liked the free chapters too much.

27.12.2022, 16:04:22

I am glad I land here cause of giveaway! I am surprised on how hooked I am with this story! a new concept in this kind of genre. really want to read the story of Christian and Sophie. must be something behind the reason why he wanted to marry her particularly.
hope I be the chosen one!

Safeena Safiya
23.12.2022, 11:41:26


Sneha Tewari
29.11.2022, 05:45:20

This link is free to read book then why I can access to the next pages

Idemudia Williams Joy
19.10.2022, 12:19:48

is it possible for someone to be using corn to read

Jc Low
16.10.2022, 11:34:13

It's not toxic at all. The story is beautiful with a great lesson to learn. Let go the past and learn to forgive then happiness will follow. Good job

Ihlam Khan
17.07.2022, 10:58:48

I loved reading it
All of your stories are amaizng

Failia Baighaan
17.07.2022, 11:58:23

Ihlam Khan, Thank you very much !

Hasnain Abbasi
08.07.2022, 13:20:34


Failia Baighaan
08.07.2022, 13:42:13

Hasnain Abbasi, :D

Meghali Kour
13.06.2022, 13:03:12

Beautiful story.... Loved reading it....

30.04.2022, 22:49:57


Talenta Mathebula
16.03.2022, 03:27:23

I love this book but I'm sad I didn't get to know nicole's secret..I love her boyfriend character.@mafia

26.02.2022, 20:47:48

why can't I read this novel it shows author has limited excess to this book but it doesn't show any subscription

Failia Baighaan
27.02.2022, 01:21:45

KAVITA JAIN, It's not for sale anymore, I don't know why it happened.

Josephine Eidangbe
07.12.2021, 08:42:17

pls what's is the name of the second book ?and is it for free ?

Failia Baighaan
07.12.2021, 12:11:57

Josephine Eidangbe, There is another book for Tyler and Candice's story by the name "Betide to love you" and yes, it's free but no second book for their story.

Ronda Workman Wellman
12.11.2021, 01:58:34

If Merlin never cheated on him he’d still be with her so why bother getting Sophie and fulfilling the wish. Like I said if Merlin never cheated he wouldn’t have been with Sophie anyway.

Failia Baighaan
12.11.2021, 10:04:43

Ronda Workman Wellman, If Merlin never cheated, the whole story wouldn't exist XD

Ronda Workman Wellman
12.11.2021, 01:38:09

I’m really confused. If he’s cared about her since childhood why did he marry Merlin. He couldn’t have loved Sophie that much.

Failia Baighaan
12.11.2021, 10:03:29

Ronda Workman Wellman, Because he cared for her but never 'loved' her.

Ronda Workman Wellman
12.11.2021, 01:54:08

I would ask him why he married Merlin if he cared about her at all.

Ronda Workman Wellman
12.11.2021, 00:50:42

I would like to know how he picked her and when he saw her?

Sunita Choudhary
10.11.2021, 01:06:41

superb story... but what about Tyler ,his story is still incomplete....

Failia Baighaan
10.11.2021, 10:43:52

Sunita Choudhary, Thank you! And no, Tyler's story "Betide to Love you" is completed.

09.11.2021, 19:26:29

Love the story!!! You are really an amazing writer.

Failia Baighaan
09.11.2021, 20:55:58

Charity, Thank you so much!

Amy Mawthoh
17.09.2021, 19:50:13

Nice story but the build up to marrying the stranger seem off.

06.09.2021, 19:36:14

seriously i feel in luv with this story!!!

Josie joe
22.08.2021, 23:51:01

Amazing romance, heartbreaking, forgiveness and love story which make me cried too. I really enjoying reading and fascinated by it.

21.08.2021, 19:01:29

i really love this book.

Lakhan Sav
18.08.2021, 10:59:44

very very very lovely book... i really love it... i love ur writing so much author.... i mean u used different words and ur sentence feel like some unique poetry.. u give life lessons.. i love the way u write soo much... I'm happy that after do many hardship finally Christian and Sophie r happy and together.. they both were broken but they healed each other... at starting their rln were toxic but afterwards it become sweet.. thnk u for such a beautiful Story... (≡^∇^≡)ヾ(^-^)ノ

Failia Baighaan
18.08.2021, 11:33:30

Lakhan Sav, Aww!! thank you so much! Your support means a lot :D

18.08.2021, 09:13:30

nice book

Sananda Chakraborty
01.06.2021, 10:45:46

This Sophie, she is such an actress. I am starting to hate her now.

Sananda Chakraborty
01.06.2021, 09:22:32

Why every now and then she trying to put guilt in his mind by bringing up the past? Did she forgets intentionally that it was her who asked him not to touch her before their "toxic marriage"?!! How conveniently she forgets!

Sananda Chakraborty
31.05.2021, 22:44:24

One always pay if one doesn't appreciate what one has and keeps blaming others for the very same things they agreed to in the first place.

Sananda Chakraborty
29.05.2021, 07:45:57

Why is she behaving as if he is entirely to blame? She did have a choice... didn't she?

Erica Page
13.05.2021, 08:53:22

wow!It was a wonderful story.. Good job author.. Always keep writing such amazing stories..May God bless u!!

Failia Baighaan
13.05.2021, 09:20:11

Ishita, Thank you so much! I am glad you liked it.

Amanda lily
18.04.2021, 09:45:50

I'm literally obsessed with the characters and the story

15.04.2021, 20:00:41

this story is too good. the way you have written the story it made me cry. I am really in love with the lead characters. I really love the way they express themselves. the story is a roller coaster ride of emotions. this story is very addicting. I read the free part almost 4 times.

Rupsa Roy
12.01.2021, 08:28:42

Beautiful !!!❤️❤️❤️

12.01.2021, 08:06:11

Love it

Maria Alba
19.11.2020, 04:31:37

I love the author of this novel, you made me cry, angry while reading the story, but in the end, you made me laugh and happy. Do you know why???? the way you write and how Christian and Sphie express themselves when the are angry, so forceful that it breaks my heart for them. But, I admire them in accepting their feelings for each other, which they can't suppress anymore, those beautiful words, endearing and revealing the content of of their heart was so....heartwarming!!! How love change a person....

Payal Pradhan
08.11.2020, 18:42:21

thank u very much for this beautiful story ♥️♥️♥️♥️

Winnie Parker
07.11.2020, 00:18:56

what happened to Tyler and Candice

Musa Kampamba
22.10.2020, 16:31:23


Virgelia Equi
19.10.2020, 06:32:14


Flevia Evanson
01.10.2020, 11:29:31

I don't get why is she always crying nobody forced her to get married to him

Failia Baighaan
01.10.2020, 11:59:25

Flevia Evanson, Well nobody but maybe her misery did.

Flevia Evanson
01.10.2020, 10:45:25

what kind of mother?

Shellymaria Knight
19.07.2020, 01:20:37

would have love to hear more about Candice and Tyler before the book end..but really enjoy reading

Romana Santarosa
29.09.2020, 22:44:48

Baighaan, thank you soo much

Lerato Monethi
29.09.2020, 01:06:17

Simple English is always the best for creative writing rather than unnecessarybig words used in incorrect grammatical forms. Keep that in mind for your next books

Failia Baighaan
29.09.2020, 12:19:41

Lerato Monethi, Even though I haven't used any 'Unnecessary Big Words' and I will edit the book soon but still I shall keep your words in my mind. Thank you.

Chidimma Eva Christian
23.09.2020, 19:09:28

Beautiful story

Alex admin
10.09.2020, 11:51:33

Comment has been deleted

Rasika Pawar
11.07.2020, 12:44:41

but what happen to Tyler and candice

Failia Baighaan
10.09.2020, 09:17:08

Rasika Pawar, I have upload Candice and Tyler story by the name 'Betide to love you'.

LeiLa Leviste
01.09.2020, 09:05:37

just wondering what happened to Candice and Tyler's love story?

LeiLa Leviste
01.09.2020, 22:26:04

Baighaan, ok thank you so much

Sundar Singh
19.08.2020, 10:24:52

I love this song

05.08.2020, 19:23:36

What happened to Candice?

Failia Baighaan
12.08.2020, 01:55:27

Ndush, They will have another story.

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