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Hello, My Lovely Community of Amazing Readers. I started a new series: Maniacal Mafia Lords and Book 1 is Up. Read: Mafia's Subjugates Book 1 Check Out My Books: Ignited Passions and Enthralled By You. Find me on My Website, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and Twitter.



Mafia's Subjugates: Book 1

O.J Ebubeoha

Hurt. Abused. Tortured. Scarred. Five women married to the Mafia Prince Paxton Pierce face his brutality, living in subjugation and fear, scared for their next breath. Family binds them together, friendship keeps that bond alive, freedom fuels their desire to be whole again and love, drives t... more info

Story about: revenge and drama, love and hate, subjugation

Complete 84 pages
4163 188

Rating: 21

#174 in Contemporary fiction
#288 in Thrillers & Suspense


Accidentally Yours For Christmas

O.J Ebubeoha

Victoria White had plans to make this Christmas special for her son, but the universe and the court order slapped on the dark brown doors on her small apartment said otherwise. Stranded and utterly devasted, only three days to the biggest celebration of the year, she struggles to grapple with her... more info

Story about: finding love, second chances, christmas miracle

Complete 24 pages
2124 58

Rating: 15

#27 in Short stories
#68 in Contemporary fiction


Ignited Passions

O.J Ebubeoha

Michael Kane is making plans to commit to his pregnant fiancee out of honor when he finally lands his dream job after two years of being laid off, only to find himself deeply attracted to his new boss in ways that would be termed sinful. Katrina MacDaniels is a forty five year old married woman w... more info

Story about: age gap romance, boss and subordinate, forbiddenlove

Complete 173 pages
7034 126

Rating: 43

#268 in Contemporary fiction
#3793 in Romance
#707 in Contemporary Romance


Enthralled By You

O.J Ebubeoha

Lisa needed a fresh start, away from all the baggage in her life; Williams was tired, of all the wrong women in his life. Becoming a CEO at a young age, Williams had more passion for work than he does for women which led to a series of disasters and failed matchmaking schemes. He had eyes for onl... more info

Story about: boss and secretary, dark secrets, office romance

Complete 127 pages
72437 802

Rating: 111

#279 in Romance
#79 in Contemporary Romance
#37 in Romantic suspense


Convicted: A Sequel To Uncovered

O.J Ebubeoha

This book is a Sequel to Uncovered Detective Clara, still in recovery stage after her near-death experience with The Swift and his crew, finds it difficult to move on from the experience that changed her entire life, causing serious psychological struggles for her. Clara is barely hanging on, ... more info

Story about: crime thriller, diamond heists, female detective

Complete 27 pages
1157 71

Rating: 10

#409 in Thrillers & Suspense
#67 in Action thriller
#87 in Crime fiction


Uncovered: A Thrilling Novel About The Diamond Heists

O.J Ebubeoha

A seasoned detective gets more than she bargained for when she accepts an assignment to go undercover against the notorious diamond smuggling crew simply known as 'Swift'. This is a thrilling crime story written to captivate your attention and hold you prisoner with mind blowing twists and turns. ... more info

Story about: crime fiction, heist, a secret agent

Complete 12 pages
4971 119

Rating: 21

#499 in Thrillers & Suspense
#107 in Crime fiction
#257 in Short stories

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