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I am black

Vidya nayak

Girls don't choose their groom. It is the sentence the girls often listen. Palavi reddy a 22 y/o girl, is a brilliant student , a great artist and a graceful dancer.She never knew what failure was. But right now she was going through a tough phase as her amma , abba were looking for a groom . But ev... more info

Story about: forcedmarrige, female desires, expectations

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The cruel reality

Vidya nayak

Life is a beautiful deceiving lie and a cruel ugly reality . Srijani bose an young bengali girl of 21 has learned many a things from her small life which even the people of 40 fail to understand. She is a person of strong beliefs and follows a strict path for her life. Her life wasn't abed of roses... more info

Story about: romance, beliefs, billionare

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