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My new story has just been published, a contemporary romance in the Billionaire genre titled Rich Love is out now!! Go give it a try, it's a light reading with a little humor and a little suspense, of course a modern love story between two of my favorite characters so far. Happy Reading!!



Rich Love

Gegi Mei

After her divorce and a series of toxic relationships, Margot Simmins ... not her real name ... was done. Free spirited, and a hippie at heart, she never wanted to be attached to anyone or anything anymore, not even for a job. She works as a freelancer, and resorted to one-night-stands for a f... more info

Story about: secondchance, relationships, angst

Ongoing: 19 Sep 47 pages
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Rating: 34

#73 in Romance
#42 in Billionaires
#17 in Contemporary Romance

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Neon Dreams

Gegi Mei

This is Book #2 of Shiver, please read the first one before going into this book, it would help you to experience it better. Thank you. Charlene Ludlow had always wanted to leave the small town of Bluebridge to a big city. She finally had the courage to visit Goldstone for the summer of 1998. What w... more info

Story about: relationships, love, newadult

Complete 183 pages
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Rating: 103

#62 in Romance
#12 in Contemporary Romance
#6 in Contemporary fiction


Crash Into Me

Gegi Mei

Sandra Lowry is renting out her property for a living. A lifetime investment she couldn't really afford. When her best friend / property agent told her they were bidding on a new prospect that could cover her next 5 year rent, she was excited. The client, a handsome actor with a tragic past who w... more info

Story about: romance drama, romantic suspense, second chance

Complete 122 pages
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Rating: 60

#216 in Romance
#57 in Contemporary Romance
#21 in Contemporary fiction


Mofocity: Echoes Of Darkness

Gegi Mei

Here we follow the footsteps of Adrian Addams, an orphan, a loner, a night crawler to the core who works for Jordan Cromwell, the city's most influential man's son. The city is going through some changes after 33 years of the separation, and Adrian is caught right in the middle of it. He's accust... more info

Story about: mystery, friendship, murder

Complete 115 pages
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Rating: 19

#24 in Thrillers & Suspense
#5 in Crime fiction
#34 in Young adult
#1 in Dystopia


The Boyfriend

Gegi Mei

Julie Greene hadn't had a boyfriend since she started college. The last time she was in a relationship, her heart was broken and it was hard to trust again. Having a best friend since childhood was a big advantage, she never really felt lonely. Kelsey had always been like a sister, they were almost ... more info

Story about: friendship, bestfriends, romantic love

Complete 147 pages
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Rating: 91

#131 in Romance
#13 in New Adult & College
#7 in Young adult



Gegi Mei

Two weeks shy of her 17th birthday, Charlene Ludlow accidentally met with the gorgeous blue eyed country boy named Thomas Raven who was going to turn her unadventurous, well planned upper class life, upside down. Even though her father, who was soon to be Mayor had chosen a suitable future boyfri... more info

Story about: firstlove, smalltown, romantic love

Complete 180 pages
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Rating: 188

#38 in Romance
#9 in Contemporary Romance
#1 in Inspiration romance

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