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Lily Matanhire





Lily Matanhire

Love, life and sacrifices. Ginny, raised in a strict christian family, is the last born in a family of four girls. While her three elder sisters know exactly what they want in life and how to get it, she still struggles to find her footing in life. All the conflicts in her life all come from her pa... more info

Story about: romance life, romance love, romance cliches and reality

Complete 193 pages
10056 246

Rating: 53

#2972 in Romance
#550 in Contemporary Romance


The Chosen Bride.

Lily Matanhire

Twenty-one year old Mobo was a very busy young woman. From her waking hour till she put her head down at night, she was busy. Her days were full of chores, chores, family, family and customers. She did all she could to please a family that didn't appreciate her or her efforts. Having had a nightma... more info

Story about: romance royalty supernatural destiny

Complete 186 pages
7883 174

Rating: 37

#422 in Mystery
#235 in Supernaturals
#1136 in Fantasy
#464 in Romantic fantasy


You were always mine.

Lily Matanhire

Yolanda's long time boyfriend, Frank, cheated on her with his beautiful married boss. She decided to report the two to the woman's husband and ask for help to make the two suffer. Things goes out of her original plan when she man who was supposed to help her moves into her tiny house without permiss... more info

Story about: forbiddenlove, age gap, rich and poor

Complete 151 pages
29334 607

Rating: 142

#4870 in Romance
#1588 in Billionaires


Billionaire's Revenge

Lily Matanhire

Arnnelle's life changed drastically after her parents died. She was just a 14 year old child left all alone in the world. She was in desperate need of money for rent and food but getting a job wasn't an easy task. An older girl named Angela, who was her neighbor as well as schoolmate, offered to giv... more info

Story about: revenge and love, revenge hatred suspence love billionaire, revenge love mistake

Complete 250 pages
130925 1584

Rating: 274

#749 in Romance
#371 in Billionaires


You belong to me...and the kids

Lily Matanhire

Sammy was a waitress who loved kids a lot. She came upon a pair of adorable kids that stole her heart more than any other kids she had ever met. The kids started calling her mommy and that landed her in a position envied by many. The father of the kids asked her to marry him when she refused he did ... more info

Story about: billionaire romance heartbreak

Complete 192 pages
315021 2361

Rating: 611

#8346 in Romance
#3011 in Billionaires

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