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Michelle Zeah


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Hi sweet readers, I appreciate you checking out my page but if you want to feel more connected with me and also to receive notifications for new updates on my books or my blog posts, just click on the "follow" button you see next to my photo, I will be really thankful. Love you all : )


A Bad Boy's Rogue Luna (2 stories)


A Bad Boy's Rogue Luna

Michelle Zeah

Description of book "A Bad Boy Rogue Luna " Book 1 “What is Lilly?” she asked her wolf. “Mate, Mate is here” her wolf said impatiently. “What?” she took over her body. She started looking in the crowd. Just then he came back with his usual expressions. “It’s him, look, it... more info

Story about: werewolf, hatelove, complicated love

Complete 347 pages
9389 225

Rating: 55

#19 in Mystery
#6 in Supernaturals
#256 in Romance
#8 in Paranormal Romance


Heated For The Alpha

Michelle Zeah

“We are pregnant,” said Alexa, her wolf. She thought she heard wrong, but did she? Is it possible for a wolf to go insane? “Alexa, what are you talking about, no this can’t be,” she said horribly. “It’s true, I am one and a hundred percent sure,” said Alexa. “Alexa, this ... more info

Story about: hateandlove, hate mates steamy romance, hatelove and forced marriage

Ongoing: 08 Mar 16 pages
335 58

Rating: 14

#99 in Mystery
#34 in Supernaturals
#197 in Fantasy

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Vampire's Kiss

Michelle Zeah

Life has never been easy for Anna Martin Perez, she had to live her life with many consequences as she was daughter of infamous elemental witch. Anna, Anna had long crush over her classmate and school famous boy Phoenix Stever, little did she knows he had secrets of his own, something he was hiding... more info

Story about: vampire prince and human girl, vampirelove, complicated love

Complete 229 pages
9684 144

Rating: 23

#172 in Mystery
#75 in Supernaturals
#2046 in Romance
#97 in Paranormal Romance

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