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Fake Wife Book 3

Shilpa Nelson

With Kimberley's return, while Sean and Myra's relationship is still recovering from a setback, many unsettled resentments from the past will surface. Kimberley claims to be innocent throughout and resolves to win Sean's trust back. Is she really innocent and was framed? If so, why and by who? How w... more info

Story about: revenge, billionaire romance, regret and forgiveness

Ongoing: 21 Sep 143 pages
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Rating: 144

#19 in Romance
#3 in Romantic suspense


Fake Wife

Shilpa Nelson

When two headstrong people, poles apart in thoughts and aspirations, are brought together by a forced marriage, they come up with a brilliant plan to continue pursuing their love interests while pretending to be a happy couple. They call it a win-win situation. But what happens when the plan fails ... more info

Story about: romance, billionaire, forcedmarriage

Complete 179 pages
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Rating: 226

#217 in Romance
#111 in Billionaires
#59 in Contemporary Romance

On Hold


The Alpha's Dragon Mate

Shilpa Nelson

Naomi grew up all her life with a hidden identity. She survived sixteen years as a handmaiden after the death of her Dragon Queen mother. Bound by spells to protect her from her enemies, living an ordinary life, she was the last one of her kind. Fate had a different plan for her. She falls head over... more info

Story about: dragon, werewolf, adventure

On Hold: 25 Feb 45 pages
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Rating: 21

#867 in Romance
#131 in Fantasy

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