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My Husband's Boss

Ashleh Queen

“Let me go. You can’t do this.” I hissed and tried to look away. I knew looking at him will only make things worse but I could still feel his breaths brushing my face. My breath hitched when he held my face. “You need to divorce him. Are you even listening to me? You are mine,” He leaned ... more info

Story about: trapped, billionaire ex, stalking

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Between 16 and 60

Ashleh Queen

She was right at that place where she was then. In the very same highlighter orange overall having the company's monogram and distributing flyers... maybe. I don't know because I was at some distance. But it was easy to recognize her. She still looked beautiful. Face huh? She was always nothing but ... more info

Story about: teenagers, youngadult, brokenheart

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