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Mafia's Vicious Wife

Payal Mandal

When she was about to lose the love of her life once again, she chose to consume the darkness entirely. And this time, the outcome wasn't going to get better. She became the very version of evil no one would ever want to confront. Once innocent now had no signs of innocence in her. All she knew was ... more info

Story about: revenge obsession, love and pain, mafia queen

Ongoing: 15 Aug 11 pages
173 38

Rating: 13

#26 in Contemporary fiction
#446 in Romance
#110 in Contemporary Romance


Alpha's Lethal Love

Payal Mandal

Maya had spent her entire life fighting a battle with her inner conscious that troubled her a lot. While finding a permanent solution to this agony, she met Kaiser and fell in love with him. But she had no idea that Kaiser was a werewolf, something, she never believed existed. While Kaiser had no i... more info

Story about: bound by the moon, werewolf mystery, love and destiny

Complete 179 pages
13499 653

Rating: 131

#207 in Romance
#6 in Paranormal Romance
#11 in Mystery
#3 in Supernaturals


One Ordinary Miracle

Payal Mandal

Jordan's life turned upside down due to a dreadful accident. That accident made his miserable life unbearable and due to past mental health issues, he couldn't even cope up with it. As he kept on failing miserably in his every attempt, he decided to take a drastic step. But then, as he was about to... more info

Story about: life and loss, life struggles, christmas miracle

Complete 18 pages
2150 82

Rating: 72

#52 in Contemporary fiction
#20 in Short stories


His Little Angel

Payal Mandal

There were many things forbidden for an eighteen-year-old Diya just because of two reasons, first, she belonged to a poor family. Poor enough to manage a morsel of food and secondly she was on the chubbier side which led her to be bullied by her friends and classmates. But there is a saying that... more info

Story about: forbidden love, age gap romance, poor and rich

Complete 211 pages
86239 1825

Rating: 426

#248 in Romance
#127 in Billionaires
#63 in Contemporary Romance


Forever Love

Payal Mandal

After 2 years of facing the disastrous consequences of falling for her, he was slowly getting back his long lost life due to someone else's presence in it. But his happiness was deemed to be short-lived when she entered his life again. But this time, it was different, she didn't want to destroy Aay... more info

Story about: love, moving on, drama and betrayal

Complete 195 pages
22383 348

Rating: 149

#3251 in Romance
#145 in Inspiration romance
#237 in Contemporary fiction


Mafia's Vengeful Wife

Payal Mandal

[Mafia's Wife, Book-1] The life of a twenty-year-old widow turned upside down because a Mafia and his Nephew got obsessed with her. Well, this time it was something different because one loved her while the other hated her. But one thing was sure, her fate was going to change forever and she wouldn... more info

Story about: family drama, revenge and drama, love and hate relationship

Complete 247 pages
87099 1377

Rating: 387

#41 in Contemporary fiction
#590 in Romance
#151 in Contemporary Romance


My Brother's Keeper

Payal Mandal

"Don't you dare to touch me." "Oh Really? Why would I listen to you? You are my wife, I can touch you wherever I want" Lucian Frederick, an Australian mafia who is obsessed over a young and beautiful Nina Walker so much that he ends up abducting and marrying her. Soon his obsession develops int... more info

Story about: forbidden love, mafia, love and hate

Complete 242 pages
43550 1349

Rating: 397

#913 in Romance
#434 in Billionaires
#223 in Contemporary Romance


Wicked Love

Payal Mandal

Rashika, an obsessive girl who fell in love with a movie star Aayaan Singhania. He felt attracted to her as well, but things go wrong when they unknowingly sparked a controversy. He left her, but she wasn't the one who will weep for years and then eventually move on. She believed in revenge and that... more info

Story about: obsession, revenge and drama, destruction

Complete 189 pages
61167 939

Rating: 208

#4464 in Romance
#796 in Contemporary Romance



Payal Mandal

What happens when a Poor Boy from a small village lands up in a metropolitan city like Mumbai, India and finds out there is a huge gap between the rich and poor apart from money. The gap between the rich and poor which included their morals, lifestyle, the comfort they receive, the way they are trea... more info

Story about: love, rags to riches, life of poverty

Complete 201 pages
23631 317

Rating: 184

#63 in Contemporary fiction
#20 in Urban life
#52 in Young adult


Her Sacrifice

Payal Mandal

Amber, the most powerful witch of her coven fell in love with a sad gloomy human, Brian, who doesn't even know why he is in such misery. But, what they are unaware of is that their love isn't something the other witches want, yet she loved him with whatever she had. But their destiny had other plan... more info

Story about: fantasy, witches and magic, love and sacrifice

Complete 165 pages
15038 494

Rating: 148

#943 in Romance
#56 in Paranormal Romance
#145 in Fantasy

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